Where Brave Unlocked Opportunities – A New Health Food Category

Through in-depth category analysis and customer research we identified a gap in the food to go range for Healthy Food like Salads, Yogurts, Smoothies and Healthy treats. This range was going to be required in order to target a new customer segment and to increase the customer spend when in the store.
Once we identified the opportunity for ‘Creating a New Health Food Category’ we then worked with the Food development team to develop a full range of products covering Salads, Sandwiches, Yogurts, Smoothies and Treats that all fell within a Healthy food category.
We partnered with a leading, influential nutritionist to support in the development and the promotion of the range this helped to solidify the brands commitment to delivering healthy food to it’s customers.
To further enhance the range and to ensure the range stood out in stores we developed a sub-brand that could help customers to identify this range in stores.
Once the range was developed we worked on a 360 degree marketing launch plan that covered Influencer events, Social media campaign, outdoor advertising, sampling, health food workshops with customers and Influencers .
This launch supported in growing the health food category, drove double digit sales growth in Salads and allowed the brand to target new customers. It created talkability amongst different health food communities and supported in Brand Awareness.