Innovation and Product Development

Where Brave Unlocked Opportunities – A New Health Food Category

Through in-depth category analysis and customer research we identified a gap in the food to go range for Healthy Food like Salads, Yogurts, Smoothies and Healthy treats. This range was going to be required in order to target a new customer segment and to increase the customer spend when in the store.

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Campaign ExecutionInnovation and Product Development

Unlocking Opportunities – Where Brave Identified a New Channel – Events

Brave worked with a leading retailer that needed to grow their brand awareness but with a limited budget. We identified numerous well attended events where their target customer attended which they could participate in at a low cost.

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Unlocking Opportunities

Where Brave was Innovative and developed a new category of bakery products for a leading retailer

Brave worked with a leading Irish bakery manufacturer who had an opportunity to work with a UK Supermarket chain to supply bakery products. Brave worked with an insights team to identify the gaps within the retailer’s product range, they then worked alongside the Product Development team to develop a unique and innovative premium range of bakery products including Sourdough breads (Using the retailers own Award Winning Cheese) and Sweet Pastry range

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Creative Campaign DevelopmentInnovation and Product Development

Where Brave worked with a leading Food and Beverage Retailer and identified a gap in their range for Ice blended drinks

Brave worked with a leading Food and Beverage retailer where they identified a gap in their range for Iced drinks. Brave worked alongside the product development team to develop a new and innovative , market leading category of premium ice blended drinks.

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Campaign ExecutionCreative Campaign DevelopmentInnovation and Product DevelopmentUnlocking Opportunities

A Product launch with a Difference

Brave launched a completely new and innovative iced coffee range for a leading retailer and in order to ensure great PR Coverage and to deliver an exciting new Launch we partnered with a leading PR Agency and created a launch event with a difference – We hosted a morning HIT Workout event with local influencers

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